Self-image is the first thing people get from you before you even introduce yourself. The way you walk, the way you look, the way you speak, all these things contribute to the image that people construct out of you. And it is rather hard to change the first impression people have on you even when they slightly missed.

So how do you create a better image of yourself?

Moderate self-appreciation

Do not come out as someone with low self-esteem because that is exactly what people will think of you. If you are given a compliment, show your gratitude and credit them to the people who have helped you with your endeavor. Yet, do not be overconfident about yourself and give answers that convince others they can do the same.

Negative things are easier to remember

It’s is very hard to maintain a positive image because people are naturally attracted to things that are out of order. People who break the laws, that guy that went out of the closet, and the mistake you did last night. Avoid making mistakes that you are going to regret. Think before you act and speak because a moment of silence from you can really have a big impact on your image.

Apologize and learn to be better

It’s okay, everyone makes mistakes every now and then. Nobody is perfect. But that also means that you should not be such an annoying person to just brush it off. Apologize if you have done something wrong, even if it is unintentionally. Say sorry because you did not mean it and you want the other person to not feel bad or the pain anymore. Be a decent human being and people will actually have a very positive image about you. Because in these days and age, it’s hard to find someone who is even decent.