Fashion can be gorgeous, cool, daring, rough and sensual. But most of all, fashion can be crazy and out of your mind, so are you ready for some mind-blowing runaway design from 2018?

Human Head and Baby Dragon by Gucci

Yes, because when carrying tote bags and handbags are too typical nowadays, Gucci decided to take it up to a whole new level. It is not a new handbag with a new design or a backpack that will complement your classic suit look. Gucci thinks it’s time to carry a baby dragon and a human head that looks like yourself for a walk. Sure, they won’t freak anyone out.

“Waitlisted” Cut-out Jeans

So, yeah, jeans used to be a pair of denim-based pants that are pretty heavy to wear. But these thong jeans are on the waitlist for $168 and they are so light you won’t feel like you are wearing them at all. Because they are only the seams of the jeans.

A. Human Choker Implantation

It’s time to not just wear, but have fashion directly embedded inside your body. Yes, A. Human is a body modification where choker necklace is implanted around your neck and glows. The choker glows in sync with the user’s heartbeat as well as biological implanted heels if exist. While this piece of accessory is not for sale currently, there are two users, Kim Kardashian West and Chrissy Teigen who are given the first chance to flash the newest fashion technology.

Stick-on swimwear

No more trying so hard to take off your swimsuits or bikinis. In fact, you don’t have to wear them because these bikinis stuck onto your skin like duct tapes. Not sure if you can actually swim and not have them fall off while you do that, but the looks will definitely make people turn around their head to you.